Today instead of writing my own post I want to share with you some of my recent findings on the web about different ways you can improve the quality of your work with Eclipse.

First two links are from Benjamin Winterberg’s blog: the more recent one describes some easy, but practical ways of optimizing the speed of Eclipse IDE. The second one is very short and contains a list of keyboard shortcuts for some of the frequently used functionalities. You may obviously already know some of them, but probably not all and without a doubt the do increase the coding speed!

If you do prefer using your keyboard instead of a mouse you can find another bunch of useful shortcuts on Drisgill blog. Among mentioned there I find shortcuts for manipulating lines to be most useful – instead of copy-paste mess you can do your job with 3 key strikes :)

One of the most helpful things about using IDE is that you will never have to write some parts of the code by your own (I do not remember when I wrote last try/catch by hand…). The great thing is that even though Eclipse has many different code templates already integrated you can also define new ones by yourself! It turns out to be really easy job – you can check out the details in posts from CertPal and Benjamin.

If you want to really pimp-out your Eclipse there is an article for you: Axel Rauschmayer on gives you 5 good reasons on why your old 3.2 should be replaced by a shiny 3.5 Galileo. If that is not convincing to you then read Zviki Cohen’s post on some of 3.5’s hidden treasures where he gives his reasons why using the latest Eclipse is a must.

Finally, as a cherry at the top, here is a list of essencial Eclipse plugins provided by nfrankel on and a post on javablogging about the FindBugs plugin.

Obviously the links above are only the top of a mountain – some of the latest hints shared by people working with Eclipse. If you know any link that I have missed out please leave it in the comments :D